I love this photo. Off camera, my wife and a gathering of our Thai friends are egging me on to eat a fried cricket. They didn’t think I’d do it, but for them? I’d do just about anything.

I think the things we spend our time investing in are like that; once we’re in love, whether it be with a project, a vision, or a group of precious people – we’ll do anything to see it succeed, to push it into reality, or to help them to thrive.

Sure, sometimes those things ‘taste’ wayy worse than a fried cricket (which aren’t that bad, for reference), but those burdens we carry to to see a vision realized is made profoundly easier by someone jumping in alongside us.

After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree from Texas A&M, working in industry for 7 years, and then moving to the other side of the world, I decided to start my own website design shop. It’s here that I’m wanting to jump in alongside whatever it is you’re creating and fall in love with it like you are.

And hey, I’m a pretty normal guy too – I like drinking excessive amounts of coffee, eating delicious Thai food, blogging on thirdpersoncreative.com, and playing Fortnite like a 12 year old.